Scooterson is Internet of Things meets trendy urban transportation. 

Based on one of the founders’ previous experience with building drones, they created an intuitive electric kick scooter managed through a predictive app that registers riding patterns and adjusts energy consumption. The light electrical vehicle is seamlessly adapted to today’s urban life and uses a combination of mobile technology and big data to enhance riders’ experience, maximise energy efficiency and safety. Scooterson has no acceleration lever or gear shifter – it simply understands how fast to go by analysing the rider’s body moves.



The product’s main features are:

  • Intelligent – intuitive speed control, predictive routeing, energy efficient, auto-lock, adaptive lights;
  • Connected – smartphone and smartwatch connected, sharing options, keyless contact;
  • Ultralight – proprietary frame made from CNC-machined aerospace aluminium and Carbon/Kevlar reinforced polymer;
  • Performant – 30 miles range, 16 mph max speed (limited), 3 hours charging time;
  • No need for license or registration in most countries.

Scooterson was part of MVP Academy batch of 2016. Their attendance in the accelerator program helped them further build a strong team of advisors consisting of very high-profile professionals in the automotive industry.


Read more about them on their profile here.


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