Vector Watch was started by Andrei Pitiș in 2013. After trying out several wearables, he thought there must be a better way. He decided to rethink the watch from scratch, and started working on it with Dan Tudose (computer wizard) and Irina Alexandru (inspired designer). After a solid investment round from Romanian angel Radu Georgescu, the company brought some watch-industry and design heavyweights into the team: Joe Santana, former CEO of Timex, and Steve Jarvis of Nike.

And that is how the Vector Watch was one of the break-out hits of the Baselworld watch show in 2015. It attracted attention for two reasons: its 30-day battery life, and the elegant, un-techy design. 

Their aim today is to be number two behind Apple, as they explained to Andrada Fiscutean. See the full interview on


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