Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems Laboratory (CGIS)

Led by: Dorian GORGAN
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 5/5
Keywords:  Computer graphics, user interaction techniques, graphics modelling and simulation, distributed interactive application development methodologies, Grid, Cloud, and Web applications development, Earth Science applications and tools development, graphics cluster based processing and visualization, and e-learning systems development.

- Involvement in interdisciplinary research through collaborative scientific and industrial projects.
- Giving high level scientific expertize that requires experience acquired in successful international reasearch projects.
- Extend the international collaboration in scientific research.
- Promote the young scientists in advanced scientific research.


Computing Server
- 2 servers IBM M3, quad-core, 2.13 GHz, 48 GB
- 3 servers ML350, 2 x 250GB, Hot Plug Drive 4 x HP 500GB
Graphics Cluster
- 3 nodes Intel dual-core, NVidia GFGTS250, 512MB
- 2 nodes Intel dual-core, NVidia EN8800GTS, 512MB
Grid Node in EGEE
- Worker Nodes: 128 quad-core processors (512 cores), 128Gb RAM
- Storage Element: 12TB


Research & development in core areas
- Grid and Cloud computing.
- Graphics Cluster based processing and visualization.
- Graphics user interaction in eLearning applications.
- Geospatial service oriented architectures.

Research & development in applied fields
- Development of Earth Science oriented applications.
- Satellite image processing and classification.
- Particle based modelling of dynamical 3D surfaces.

- Graphics modelling and simulation.
- User interactive application development methodology.
- Grid and Cloud computing.
- Earth Science oriented application development.

Applied engineering services
- High performance computation.
- SWAT hydrological model calibration and execution (gSWAT application and gSWATSim services).
- Satellite image processing (GreenLand application).

- User interactive application development methodology.
- Usability evaluation of graphical user interfaces.


Str. G. Baritiu Nr. 26-28, 400027
Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Tel: +40 264 401478
Fax: +40 264 594491




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