Led by: Cristina DOBROTĂ
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: Institute of Technology (IT)
Scientists/Total: 21/21
Keywords:  Industrial microorganisms, strains selection, molecular markers, technology and biotechnology, selective biotransformation, bioremediation, molecular diagnosys, nanovehicles for transport of drugs, nutraceutics and food security

Biotechnologies for plant breeding and MAS (Marker Assisted Selection),
Technologies for molecular diagnostic,
Development of some diagnostic methods for human and veterinary medicine:
Molecular diagnostic of several pathogens;
Rapid and specific diagnosis of resistance to antibiotics of different pathogens;
Biotechnologies of natural compounds production useful for human and veterinary treatment.
Development of some diagnostic methods for agriculture
Molecular diagnostic of several plant pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses);
Biotechnologies for production of phytosanitary compounds.
Nutraceutics (functional food)
Capitalization of natural resources by specific biotechnologies;
Biomass production by in vitro cultures of plant tissue and cell cultures;
Nutraceutics for metabolism regulation (Spirulina-aminoacids,
omega-3 acids, antidiabetics);
Antioxidants (flavonoides, polyphenols, ex. resveratrol);
Anabolic compounds;
Natural food dyes.
Food security
Development of new methods and techniques for quality assurance of food and biotechnological processes.





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