Distributed Systems Lab

Led by: Dana PETCU
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Institution: Institute e-Austria of Timișoara (IeAT)
Scientists/Total: 20/-
Keywords:  Distributed systems Cloud computing Web services Grid computing Cluster computing Semantic technologies Workflow technologies Software engineering Open-source codes

IeAT is more then ten years old private non-profit Romanian research institute in computer science organized as an association between three public universities to sustain their R&D activities. More than forty researchers from the Computer Science departments of West and Politehnica Universities of Timisoara, and Johannes-Kepler University of Linz, are currently working to the institute’s projects. The research team is specialized in distributed computing, artificial intelligence and software engineering.
IeAT team was and is involved in more than 10 national projects in the CEEX and PNII programme, half of them as coordinator. In the frame of European Commission FP6/FP7 projects for distributed systems: SCIEnce –scientific Grid services, DEHEMS –Web services for energy consumption monitoring, AVANTSSAR& SpaCIoS -formal verification of trust/security in service based systems. In particular, in the field of Cloud computing in FP7/CIP, it has lead scientifically mOSAIC –portability in Clouds--, and is currently involved in MODAClouds –model-driven engineering for Clouds--, SPECS –security SLAs management-- and SEED –Cloud-based e-government services.
The research prototypes resulting from these collaborative projects are currently used by the companies which are or were involved in these projects.


2 On-rack clusters of PCs



B-dul Vasile Parvan 4, 045B, 300223 Timisoara
Timișoara, jud. Timiș, România
eMail: pet...@info.uvt.ro



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