Thermal Analysis

Led by: Petrica VIZUREANU
Fields: Industrial Processes and Engineering
Institution: „Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iași (TUIASI)
Scientists/Total: 6/10
Keywords:  thermal analysis, thermal control, conductivity, dilatometry, furnace, simulation

Areas of applications include thermal analysis of solids and fluids, dilatometry, heating, heat treating, thermal analysis of isolation, electric heating on diverse modern furnaces of different dimensions and working spaces geometries, fluid bed processes. Also, we have different possibilities of thermal control and monitoring systems.


The major research infrastructure that is available is detailed below. • Experimental area - plant Tratamente Termice • Elements for controlling and measuring temperature • Data loggers • Anemometer with data-logger, 2006 design • Laser thermometer, class II, 2006 design • Fluidized bed laboratory equipment; temperature range: 50 ºC- 600 ºC; stability at 600 ºC ±3 ºC; internal diameter 228 mm; usable depth 140 mm • 3 Electrical furnace with three-stage programmable control; different interior volumes, temp control accuracy: ±5 ºC at a steady rate; stability: 0.1 to 40ºC/min (negative ramp rate limited by natural cooling); temp range: 50 to 1100°C. • Pump, characteristics: 230 VAC, 50Hz, Motor hp ¼ , production 2007 • IR temperature camera. characteristics: 128 images in format JPG; 3 way measure: 64 frame mosaic; image in visible; temperature: -10 – 1000°C; 64 measure points; area : 44 cm x 44 cm; minimum measure distance 0.5 m; memory compact flash: 128 MB; resolution: 0.1°C; accuracy: 2°C, model 2007 • Dilatometer type horizontal, L75Hx1400, Diameter: 7-12 mm, Resolution: 0,125 mm/digit • Commercial code ANSYS FLUENT • Lasers for flow visualization • Conductivity measures equipment • Handmade heat exchangers used in civil engineering • Climate chamber, available by cooperation with other research unit


thermal analysis, heating, heat treatment, dilatometry, thermal conductivity measurements, thermal control


Bd. Dimitrie Mangeron, nr.67, 700050
Iași, jud. Iași, România



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