Research Center Surveillance, Diagnosis and Control of Zoonoses (Zooparazlab)

Led by: Vasile COZMA
Fields: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca (USAMVCN)
Scientists/Total: 32/32
Keywords:  1. Parazitology and Parasitic Diseases 2. Infectious Diseases and Preventive Medicine 3. Microbiological exams for the purpose of diagnostic and establishing adequate therapy 4.Immunological exams for the diagnostic and characterization of immunophysiological/ immunopathological prophile 5. Consulting in the management of episodes of disease due to microbial agents 6. Microbiology 7. Food Hygiene and Public Health 8. Pharmacology and Pharmacy 9. Testing of veterinary products and preparing the registration file (preclinical and clinical studies, tolerance, efficacy and resistance) 10. Testing for drug resistance to chemotherapics and antibiotics 11. Determination of drug residue in food products of animal origin 12. Phytotherapy 13. Veterinary Management Consulting 14. Physiology

1.Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases
-conducting and coordinating research activity into the surveillance, diagnosis and control of zoonoses,
-human resource training (Master’s degree, PhD, postdoctoral studies),
-developing institutional partnerships at regional, national and international level
-providing consultancy and technology transfer,
-monitoring of zoonoses,
-organizing symposiums, conferences, national and international congresses
-editing of Scientia Parasitologica journal
-testing of drug efficacy in animals (antiparasitic, chemotherapy and antibiotics)
-determination of drug residues from animal products and subproducts
-assessing of drug influence on the intestinal microflora

2.Infectious Diseases and Preventive Medicine
-Development of new diagnostic techniques
-Monitoring of effects of various diseases on host organisms;
-Selection of new therapy products;
-Increasing research skills of young teachers, researchers and students;
-Valorisation of results through scientific papers;
-Compliance with research ethics and European experimental bioethics

3.Food Hygiene and Public Health
-Developing of research infrastructure in the field of food safety and security, prioritary research domain established through RDI national strategy to provide “controlled food chain” in the relationship between consumer protection and food safety;
-Increasing the use of existing research infrastructures;


BioRad ELISA line
Olympus BX61 microscope
Olympus DP72 digital camera
Olympus SZX16 stereomicroscope
-Olympus BX41 - microscope dark light
-Desktop computers
-Olympus SZ60 - stereomicroscope
-Video digital camera XC30 Olympus
-Software Cell-F
-Olympus SZ 53
-Olympus SZ 51
-Molecular biology module
-(Conventional PCR Bioneer System, MyGenie 96 Gradient Thermal Block, RT (real time) System –PCR Bioneer, Exicycler 96, Environmental Shaker -Incubator ES-20/60 BioSan)
-Spectrophotometry module (ECM 830 Electro Square Porator –BTX Harvard device, Picodrop Spectrophotometre model PICOPET01)
-Bio Rad electrophoresis
-iPrep Invitrogen microarray scanner
-Extraction of nucleic acids and proteins
-Bio-analyzer and IPGphor GE Healthcare
-Perform electrophoresis, staining, blotting by SDS-PAGE, native-PAGE, 2D-PAGE, IEF and DNA electrophoresis.
-ADN/ARN Hybridization oven Agilent Technologies, model G2545A.
-Incubator for hybridization DNA/RNA
-Autolab Toyota Hylux
-Autolab Volkswagen Amarok
-Tranquilizer gun
-Tranquilizationof wild animalsfor
-Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer
-Tests of parasites chemoresistant
-TecanELISA line
-Server software for the analysis of drug resistance
-Kern balance model A
-Kern balance model EMB 200-2
-Incubator Pol Eko – model SLN 53
-Vortex Wiggenhauser
-Microscope Ergoval RDG
-Panasonic Digital Camera
-Microscope MBL 2100



Calea Mănăştur 3-5, 400372
Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Tel: +40 264 596384 int. 165
Fax: +40 264 593792




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