Research and Expertise Centre for Special Materials (CEMS)

Led by: Nicolae CONSTANTIN
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Products and process engineering
Institution: ”Politehnica” University of Bucharest (UPB)
Scientists/Total: 163/252
Keywords:  • Special materials science and engineering; • Technologies for the production and processing of materials using traditional methods and unconventional; • Design and computerized management systems metallurgical engineering. - Engineering and production materials management; - Design and processing of special materials; - Environmentally friendly technologies for the production of the material.

The Research and Expertise Center for Special Materials (CEMS) is a professional, non-profit organization, having the purpose to accomplish research activities, consulting, technical expertise, processing of new technologies and special materials (biocompatible materials, high-strength non-ferrous alloys, amorphous and nanocrystalline materials, composites, special metallic materials for electronics and aeronautics, special steels).


BUEHLER, model 2155 DELTA, a drum machine embedded samples of 40 mm, model SIMPLIMET 1,000 and an automatic sanding / polishing samples with 4 positions, head VECTOR BETA ALPHA model.
Hand sanding / polishing samples with 2 positions, LECO model VP-50 vibrating sample polishing machine 4 posts METAPOLAN model 2 and ultrasonic cleaner.
Univar REICHERT microscope type and brand Epitip metallographic microscope (Carl Zeiss Jena). type electron microscope XL-30-ESEM TMP device to which is attached an EDAX analyzer.
two electron microscopes, transmission electron microscope TESLA BS 540 and a transmission electron microscope Carl Zeiss EM 9. three spectrometers for spark optical emission testing (SPECTROLAB M5 FOUNDRY MASTER and SPECTROMAXx) and a spectrometer for testing X-ray fluorescence (Graffiti XEPOS).
two diffractometers DRON-3 equipped with special equipment (radiation source, monochromator, goniometer, X-ray detector). UNITHERM vertical dilatometer model 1161v, conductivity meter conductivity meter QUICKLINE QUICKLINE 10 and 16.
vacuum induction furnace type BALZERS HU-40-25-40-04 and installation of vacuum arc remelting type MRF ABJ 900.



Splaiul Independentei nr.313, corp J, sala JI 110, sector 6, 060042
Municipiul București, România
Tel: +40 214 029261
Fax: +40 213 169562




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