Landscape Design and Planning using Sustainable Concepts (GREENLAND)

Led by: Adelina DUMITRAŞ
Fields: Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca (USAMVCN)
Scientists/Total: 10/10
Keywords:  1. Landscape architecture, consultancy, planning, feasibility studies 2. Planning landscape design ecological systems 3. Horticulture

1. Promoting and developing the sustainable landscaping systems;
2. Creation of the landscapes which are extended in and on built surfaces (buildings);
3. Integration and water management practices in landscaping practices to promote recreation and biodiversity;
4. Energetically efficient landscapes design;
5. developing projects in order to optimize the relationship between built places and landscape;
6. Elaboration of the complete documentation for technical sustainable landscape projects;
7. Consultancy regarding implementing technologies for ornamental species growing in open field and protected culture.


Computer laboratory
Software and programmes for landscape planning and design
Information equipments
Polystyrene termocutter
Electric jigsaw machine
NIKON telemeter
terrestrial GPS



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