National Reference Laboratory for the Assessment and Certification of Conformity of Vegetal Products Containing Genetically Modified Organisms (CERT-OMG)

Led by: Doru PAMFIL
Fields: Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca (USAMVCN)
Scientists/Total: 5/5
Keywords:  1. GMO testing of plant-derived food products 2. GMO testing of seed lots 3. GMO testing of feed matrices 4. Participation in ring trials organized by ENGL and EU-RL GMFF 5. Implementation of new GMO testing procedures 5. Training of specialists in the field of GMO testing

1. Isolation and purification of DNA from raw and processed food matrices
2. Quality assessment of DNA extracts
3. Qualitative GMO testing using PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis coupled with ethidium bromide staining
4. Quantitative GMO testing using real-time PCR
5. Microarray-based GMO identification
6. Expert advice in the field of GM crops and derived food products


Pipettes for micrometric volumes (Eppendorf),
Nucleic acid purification instrument (Roche),
Nucleic acid extraction system (Promega),
Thermal cyclers (Palm Cycler),
Horizontal electrophoresis system (Fisher),
Real-time PCR system (Corbett),
Real-time PCR system (Roche),
Microarray scanner (Axon),
Microarray hybridization station (Tecan),
Gel documentation systems and imaging and analysis software (UVP),
ELISA system (Tecan),
Analytical balances (Precisa),
Incubator (Memmert),
Incubator with agitator (Hettich),
Laminar flow cabinets,
Deep freezer (Sanyo),
Bidistiller apparatus (GFL),
Micro centrifuge (Hettich),
Cooling micro centrifuge (Hettich),
Autoclave (Raypa).



Calea Mănăştur 3-5, 400372
Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Tel: +40 264 596384
Fax: +40 264 593792




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