Nuclear Structure Studies Using Gamma and Particle Spectroscopy

Led by: Nicolae MĂRGINEAN
Fields: Basic Phys. Radiation & Instrum.
Institution: "Horia Hulubei" National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN HH)
Scientists/Total: 25/25
Keywords:  -

Nuclear spectroscopy studies at the Bucharest Tandem accelerator
High spin γ-ray spectroscopy with heavy-ion fusion-evaporation reactions;
Low spin γ -ray spectroscopy with (p,n γ) reactions;
Beta decay studies;
Cross section measurements for astrophysics;
Measurements of lifetimes of nuclear excited states;
Measurements with heavy ion reactions (DSAM and recoil distance);
Studies of systematics and correlations of nuclear observables;


Most of the experimental equipment we are operating was build for taking advantage of the beams delivered by the Tandem FN accelerator operated by our department.
All these facilities are available for experiments to anyone interested. In order to apply for beam time, please contact us and apply for beam time at the Tandem PAC
high efficiency/high versatility γ coincidence setup installed on the beam line 1 of the accelerator
low background close geometry γ spectroscopy experimental set-up for offline measurements of targets activated by the tandem beam
plunger-type reaction chamber to be used with the γ spectroscopy setup on beam line 1
fragment recoil separator on beam line 7
OSIRIS-NIPNE setup consisting of seven HPGe detectors with anti-compton shields on beam line 2
Suporting these experimental facilities are the following systems:
a multiparametric data aquisition system
a digital multiparameric aquisition system
liquid nitrogen automatic filling system



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