Neutron Research Group

Led by: Vasile TRIPĂDUŞ
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Basic Phys. Radiation & Instrum.
Institution: "Horia Hulubei" National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN HH)
Scientists/Total: 4/5
Keywords:  -

1. Experimental and theoretical investigation of the fundamental laws of the static and dynamic structure of the condensed matter, involving use of different neutron scattering and computer modeling techniques
1.1.Experimental and computer determination of liquid structure
1.2. Experimental and computer determination of liquid dynamics
1.3. Phonons in liquids
1.4. Pair potentials in liquids
1.5. Structure and dynamics of liquid metals
1.6. Structure and dynamics of water
1.7. Collective excitations and lattice dynamics in superionics
1.8. Proton dynamics in hydrides
1.9. Structure of molecular systems
1.10. Phase ordering, clustering and relaxation phenomena in cement
1.11. Neutron standing waves

2. Advanced characterization of materials and processes of importance industry
2.1. Structural disorder: reactor safety
2.2. Diffusion in aqueous solution: the food industry
2.3. Quasielastic scattering in zeolits: the chemical industry
2.4. Porosity, phases ordering and relaxation phenomena: the cement industry

3. Upgrading of the experimental facilities in neutron scattering and new projects
3.1. Upgrading of the cryostat for T down to T=77K
3.2. Upgrading of the thermostat for structure determination (T<800K)
3.3. Upgrading of the thermostat for dynamics structures (T<1300K)
3.4. Materialization of the project TS-3000 for microscopic determination at T<3000K





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