Research and Training Centre in Industrial Control, Robotics and Engineering (CIMR)

Led by: Theodor BORANGIU
Institution: ”Politehnica” University of Bucharest (UPB)
Scientists/Total: 19/19
Keywords:  cognitive robotics; AI and robotics in manufacturing and services; holonic manufacturing control systems; SOA for enterprise management and control; multi-agent systems in discrete, repetitive process control; fractal techniques in medical image processing and material quality control; environment modelling and feature-based description through 2D and 3D image processing and laser scanning.

The main goal of the CIMR Centre is to promote the science base in product-driven automation, ICT, robotics, intelligent manufacturing systems, and SOA for Enterprise. The CIMR Centre is recognized as Excellence Centre by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (MECI) and the National Council High Education Scientific Research since 2002, and certified as research institution by the National Authority of Scientific Research since 2008.


9 industrial robots Adept Technology (4 anthropomorphic, 4 SCARA, 1 Cartesian) with multiprocessor controllers, incorporated artificial vision, multitasking operating systems, electro-pneumatic grippers;
2 numerically controlled CNC machine tools EMCO and interfaces for industrial robots integration;
1 closed-loop twin-track Bosch-Rexroth transportation system with branching and 6 work places, palette detection sensors and palette stop/diversion control;
2 intelligent supply Adept AnyFeeder systems with assembly and cutting processing, with robotised management and artificial vision;
Central and local warehouse systems for partially manufactured materials and assembly components;
8 magnetic Balluf read-write equipments for pallets traceability and monitoring of production control execution;
CNC machine tools, artificial vision and programmable logic controller;
4 Bosch programmable logic controllers, 512 I/256 E, Ethernet, RS 232, Profibus;
12 Basler video cams, Panasonic, Jay digital, monochromatic, 640 x 480 pixels;
control of industrial robots Adept V+, Adept Desktop, Adept Windows PC, Adept ; image processing systems Adept Vision, Adept Sight, Cognex, PatMath; CNC Sinumerik 820-840, EMCO Mill; discrete process control and conveyors Indra Logic, SFC, Grafcet, Ladder Diagram; multi-agent distributed systems JACK and COBASA;
3 IP cameras Network Camera, PTZ, resolution CIF, 2 CIF, 4 CIF, PAL, Linux embedded;



Splaiul Independentei nr. 313, sector 6, 060042, Noul Local - sala ED 111
Municipiul București, România
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