Applied Biochemistry

Led by: Florentina ISRAEL-ROMING
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Center (BIOTEHNOL)
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Determinations and characterizaions of chemical and bio-chemical compounds from diverse matrices (plant, animal, and microbian) using spectro-photometry, IR spectrometry with Fourier transform, enzyme purification and characterization.
In vitro studies of enzymatic action.
Biochemical characterization of plant extracts with biologically active compounds.
Studies of the structure-properties relationship, physical-chemical-toxicity.


- HPLC - WATERS, ALLIANCE model; Quaternary System, autosampler, detector UV-VIS (simultaneous determination at 2 wavelengths), FLD and MS Single Quadrupole, soft EMPOWER
-Spectrometer FT-IR THERMO - NICOLET; ATR accessory, encapsulation device, computer controlled
-Device for ultra-purification of water - MILLIPORE, model SIMPLICITY 185; Ion exchange filter, UV lamp, rezistivity 18,2 MW, COT 5ppb, debit 0,5l/min
-Ultrasound bath BRANSON; Sonicare 01-99 min, heating 01-69oC, degasing 01-99 min
-Spectrophotometer UV-VIS - DELTA HELIOS;
-Automatic nitrogen determination machine GERHARDT; Electric mineralizer with 8 slots, max. 450oC, exhaust system, automatic distilation
-Centrifuge SANYO - model HARRIER 18/80; 18.000 rpm; thermostatic; angular rotor and swing-out rotor, centrifuge volume 2 - 200 ml
-Analytic balance OHAUS DISCOVERY; Precision 0,0001/0,00001 g, internal calibration, computer connection available
-Centrifugal evaporator CHRIST; Angular rotor 18x4/7 ml, vacuum pump with emission condensation
-Viscosity meter Brookfield LVDV II+Pro; Viscosity range 1-6000000 cP, speed 0,01-200 rpm, software WINGATHER



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