Organic and Hetero-Organic Compounds for the Design of Micromaterials and Nanomaterials with Special Properties

Led by: Eugenia FĂGĂDAR-COSMA
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: Chemistry Institute
Scientists/Total: 23/23
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Advanced materials with special opto-electrical properties based on symmetrical and mixed-substituted meso-tetraphenylporphyrine, and complex combinations.

Materiale avansate cu proprietati speciale opto-electrice pe baza de meso-tetrafenilporfirine simetrice si mixt substituite si combinatiile lor complexe.

Synthesis, characterization, applications and studying the relationships between the structure, reactivity and properties in the chemistry of phosphorous, nitrogen and other heteroelements.

Organic multifunctional compounds, materials with applications in medicine, industry and environmental protection.

Macromolecular compounds containing heteroatoms with controlled properties: biopolymers, nanocomposites, polymeric reactants, fireproof compounds, catalysts, and polymeric biocides such as:

1. Polymers with phosphorous and/or nitrogen in the main chain.
2. Polymers with functional pendant groups with phosphorous and/or nitrogen and oxigen.
3. Acrylic photoreticulated polymers with nanomaterial content as reactive additives.





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