Anorganic and Hybrid Compounds for Nanostructured Materials

Led by: Cecilia SAVII
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: Chemistry Institute
Scientists/Total: 21/21
Keywords:  advanced materials, supramolecular systems

Complex homopolynuclear and heteropolynuclear combinations of 3d elements, precursors for
1. advanced materials (mixed and complex sulphides; complex combinations with liquid crystal properties)
2. supramolecular systems with consequences in biological systems: models of biological sites or with pharmaceutical action (Mannich base type ligands, Schiff bases)
Multicomponent systems with special optical, magnetic and pharmaceutical properties (oxides and salts obtained through techniques: coprecipitation, ceramic, sol-gel, sonosynthesis and using precursors - salts and complex combinations).
Molecular level design and synthesis of compounds with directed catalytic action for transforming substances obtained from renewable resources into organic intermediates or into energy sources, and for reactions of pollutant destruction.





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