Surface Chemistry and Catalysis

Led by: Măriuca GARTNER
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: „Ilie G. Murgulescu” Institute of Physical Chemistry
Scientists/Total: 19/30
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Main areas of activity:

- Correlation between solid surface reactivity and adsorption states and structural and electronic properties of solid-gas as well as solid-liquid interfaces
- Various solids (such as mixed oxides, metal and semiconductor single crystals, thin films) are studied by different techniques: work function variation, cyclic voltammetry, spectroscopic ellipsometry, and electron spectroscopy.
- Fractal analysis is utilized to correlate adsorption properties and SEM, TEM, AFM and STM micrographs.
- Adsorption on well-defined oxide surfaces is investigated via ab initio and semiempirical quantum calculations.
- Synthesis of composite materials (with micro and macro pore size, obtained by the incorporation of metallic and organic species or polymers in the molecular sieves structures)
- Characterization and testing of catalytic activity.
- Study of catalytic oxidation on oxidic materials (mixed spinelic oxides, perovskites, zeolites) based on temperature programmed reduction and desorption, chemisorption and various catalytic tests.
- Nonuniformity kinetic models are investigated in relationship to structural sensitivity of catalytic reactions.
- Model nano-sized metal supported catalysts for light hydrocarbon partial oxidation.


UV-VIS-NIR Ellipsometry
IR Ellipsometry Woollam
Atomic Force Microscopy
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Spin Coater 19.000 rpm
Centrifuge HETTICH ROTANTA 460
Photoreactor Photochemical Reactors
Gas Chromatograph Model 910
Scanning Electron Microscopy
UV-VIS Spectroscopy Jasco
IR Spectroscopy Buck M500
DSC Microcalorimetry Setaram μDSC
Titrare potentiometrica pH-stat Radiometer
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Zahner IM6
Controlled Intensity Modulated Photo Spectroscopy
Physisorption for B.E.T. Surface Area and Pore Volume, TPR / TPD
High Performance Computing Blade Clusters for Material Science



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