Chemical Kinetics

Led by: Domnina RĂZUŞ
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: „Ilie G. Murgulescu” Institute of Physical Chemistry
Scientists/Total: 9/18
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Kinetics of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. Fast gas-phase reactions: homogeneous hydrocarbon oxidation. Thermal hazards of solid compounds decomposition: studies of potentially explosive organic derivatives decomposition under isothermal and non-isothermal heating regimes.
Kinetics of gas-solid interaction. Heterogeneous catalysis. Dynamics of oxide surfaces during adsorption/desorption/reaction. Role of hydration-dehydration, in relation with dynamics of surface acidity. AC electrical conductivity/dielectric measurements in operando conditions as tools for surveying adsorption/desorption/reaction on oxides. Protonic conduction. Supported catalysts. Chemical sensing with semiconductor oxides. Tin dioxide based catalytic sensors.


Gas Chromatograph Perkin-Elmer type Clarus 500
Gas Chromatograph SRI Instruments type 8610C
UV-VIS Spectrometer Perkin-Elmer Lambda 35
Digital oscilloscopes Tektronix, 100 MHz, 2 and 4 channels, respectively
Impedance Analyzer Wayne-Kerr
2 home-made catalytic testing installations provided with mass flow controllers ( 3 separate lines), on-line GC and RLC bridges ( Hioki)
Vacuum equipment, BOC-Edwards
Measuring equipment of pressure during fast oxidation processes (explosions in gas phase), Kistler (Pressure Transducers, Charge Amplifiers)
EPR Spectrometer Varian



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