Center for the Study of Microscopic Morphology and Immunology (CMI)

Led by: Laurenţiu MOGOANŢĂ
Fields: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Institution: University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova (UMF Craiova)
Scientists/Total: 21/21
Keywords:  -

The study of cerebral parenchymal reaction in hemorrhagic stroke.
Implications of metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in orthodontic periodontal reworking processes accompanied by gingival overgrowth
Immunohistochemical research on cell cultures and their role in proinflammatory interleukins phenomena hiperkeratinizare from the follicle pilosebaceu acne patients


- niche chemical Kottermann laminar flow;
- Rotary microtome Shandon AS 324;
- Vibratom, ultratom
- Thermostats paraffin;
- Thermostat dry blades;
- Paraffin baths, batteries histological stains;
- OLYMPUS microscopes;
- Distilled water apparatus;
- Refrigeration unit for freezing biological material;
- Analytical balance;
- Station included in paraffin wax dispenser comprises automatic heated plate (Slee Mains MPS1P) and MPS.C cold plate;
- Type rotary microtomes and Microm HM325 Microm HM355s (fully motorized), water cascade feature Cool-Cut system that allows the execution of sections with thickness from 1μm;
- Electronic analytical balance;
- Microwave oven;
- Magnetic stirrers;
- PH meter Consort C532;
- Automatic Eppendorf micropipette, Hirschmann Electronics piepeta high volume;
- Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415C;
- Incubation baths lam



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