Research Center for Advanced Materials (CCMA)

Led by: Cătălin DUCU
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: University of Pitești (UPIT)
Scientists/Total: 17/17
Keywords:  New methods in nanomaterials characterization X-Ray Techniques (XRD, XAS, XRF) LEED Electrochemical methods Thin films Nuclear materials Biomaterials Catalysts NDT methods (US and AE) Properties improvement of classical materials

WDXRF spectrometer upgraded 2003;
EDXRF spectrometer - SPECTRO MIDEX M



Str. Târgul din Vale, nr. 1, 110040
Pitești, jud. Argeș, România
Tel: +40 348 453279
Fax: +40 348 453123



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