Security Systems, Sensors and Communications Networks Used in National Defence and Security (CESECOM)

Led by: Andrei SZILAGYI
Fields: Elec. Electron. Sys. & Telecom. Eng.
Products and process engineering
Institution: Military Technical Academy of Bucharest (ATM)
Scientists/Total: 19/23
Keywords:  -

Antennas, radio waves and microwaves propagation; Integrated Communications Systems, Specialized microprocessors systems, Information security and cyber-defence, Robotics, specialized microprocessor based controllers, information security and cyber-defense.

sensors and antennas
bandwidth of circuits and antennas;
material characterization by electromagnetic analysis
wide bandwidth communications
electromagnetic compatibility
effective reflective cross-section
TEMPEST protection
signal processing

Integrated communications network with technology diversity;
Ensuring convergence of communications services;
Analysis and optimization of communication traffic;
Non-blocking broadband switching systems;
Interoperability for switching and multiplexing;
Transport technology SDH and PDH and multiplexing;
PDH relay radio communications systems;
TDMA, GSM, ISDN, VoIP Interoperability.

Digital control algorithms
Digital signal processing algorithms
Neural network systems
Embedded control systems
Communication protocols
Real time simulations for HIL systems
Real time applications

Cryptographic mechanisms, services and protocols
Electronic Signature
PKI infrastructures and bridge technologies
Smart-card applicationsElectronic payment systems
Security of network protocols
E-mail and document security
Information Security developing, deploying and auditing.
Cyber defense
Ad-hoc networks
IDS and honey pots





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