Cross Field Laboratory for Vibro-Acoustic Measurments in the Work Enviroment

Led by: Mihaela Emma PICU
Fields: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Institution: „Dunărea de Jos" University of Galați
Scientists/Total: 9/9
Keywords:  -

pointing out the noise and vibrations source and type, measuring the individual and combined level of vibro-acoustic pollution, all these leading to the development of efective, correcting actions at the main noise and vibration source level (through administrative, technical and landscaping means)


NetdB - Complex system for analysis and measurement of remitted vibration to human body
dBFA Suite - Software for acquisition command and data post-process
Wilcoxon 799M - Mono-axial accelerometer
PCB Piezotronics 356A16 - Tri-axial accelerometer



Calea Călărașilor, nr. 29, 810017
Galați, jud. Galați, România
Tel: +40 239 612572




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