Laser Interferometry & Applications

Led by: Dan APOSTOL
Fields: Basic Phys. Radiation & Instrum.
Institution: National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics ( INFLPR )
Scientists/Total: 9/10
Keywords:  Interferometry, Nanometrology, Speckles.

Laser Interferometry Laboratory is dedicated to basic research and applications of coherent optics and its related (consecutive) fields, such as interferometry, holography, speckle pattern interferometry, and diffractive optics.
Measurement of length and shape, holographical optical elements (HOE), diffractive optical elements (DOE) are among the applications we have the expertise in. Nano-sciences lead our interest to nanometrology with special emphasize on length and flatness measurement at micrometric scale, with a sensitivity on the order of nanometer. Diffractive methods, like scatterometry, are also developed to appreciate the shape and the specific dimensions of micro-structured patterns.
Sensitivity analysis of interferometric and scatterometric measuring methods together with the corresponding algorithm and software are under investigation or already developed.


Microscope; WLI, Linik; Microscope with PC aid; Stabilized laser; Optical table; Zwiss microscope; Shack-Hartmann sensor; Profilometer Ambios; Pulsed laser.



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