Rural Development

Led by: Mihai TOTI
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science Agro-Chemistry and Environment (ICPA Bucureşti)
Scientists/Total: 10/11
Keywords:  -

Ecopedological factors influencing agricultural production and rural agroenvironmental policy. Development of technologies for improving the soil quality. Soil-crop-hydrosphere-climate relationships in different ecosystems. Biophysical indicators for biomass production. Soil maps and agricultural land evaluation, thematic maps and development of dedicated Geographic Information Systems, guidelines and methodologies. Organization of demonstration plots, environmental inspections and certifications, providing technical advice in organic farming.





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Municipiul București, România
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Fax: +40 213 184348



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