Atomic Structures and Defects in Advanced Materials

Led by: Corneliu GHICA
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: National Institute of Material Physics (INFIM)
Scientists/Total: 25/30
Keywords:  materials synthesis, structure, optical, electrical properties

Among the approached topics, we mention:
Investigations down to atomic scale by microstructural (TEM/HRTEM/STEM, XRD), spectroscopic (EPR, Mossbauer spectroscopy, EELS, EDS) and optical methods of native and induced defects in bulk and nanostructured solid materials.
Investigations of material properties by using paramagnetic point defects as atomic probes.
Investigations of the changes induced by defects in ordered and partially disordered solids.
Synthesis of oxide semiconducting or magnetic nanostructures for applications in gas sensing, catalysis and photocatalysis.
Hyperfine interactions in solids.
Modelling of order-disorder transformations in crystalline media and transient phenomena in condensed matter.
Our research activity concerns mainly the physical properties - such as structure, optical, electrical properties - in advanced materials, resulting either as size effects (nanostructures, thin films) or by engineering of structural defects. Although the size scale available through our investigation techniques spans from bulk to nanometric and atomic structures, our research is mainly directed towards the discovery, investigation and manipulation of physical properties at nanometric and atomic scale for the development and characterisation of new materials (dielectrics, semiconductors, alloys, ceramics) to be used in various applications (semiconductor technology, gas sensing, radiation detectors, telecommunications).





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