Centre of Applied Romanian Linguistics (CLRA)

Led by: Cecilia CAPĂŢÂNĂ
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Institution: University of Craiova (UCV)
Scientists/Total: 7/9
Keywords:  lexicology, lexicography, phraseology, morphosyntax, translation

Research of applied Romanian linguistics, especially in the fields of lexicology, lexicography, phraseology, morphosyntax, translation; production of the first Romanian-English dictionary of collocations, the electronic version; training of young researchers, by initiating and participating in research projects; consulting and training language teachers in secondary education





Str. Alexandru I. Cuza, Nr. 13, 200585
Craiova, jud. Dolj, România
Tel: +40 251 417191
eMail: ceci...@yahoo.com




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