Nanoscale Condensed Matter - Si- and Ge–based Nanomaterials and Nanostructures

Led by: Magdalena Lidia CIUREA
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: National Institute of Material Physics (INFIM)
Scientists/Total: 9/11
Keywords:  -

Mono- and multilayered structures based on germanium nanoparticles embedded in different oxide matrices for applications in photodetectors and nonvolatile memory devices: preparation and characterization. Preparation and characterization of Ge and Si based nanostructured materials for photovoltaics applications. Study of transient processes in crystalline materials at irradiation.


- Magnetron sputtering system equipped with AES and LEED; Chamber 1 (sputter Chamber); Chamber 2 ( Sputter chamber Load Lock);
Chamber 3 LEED Auger System; Chamber 4 LEED Auger Load Lock (for independent LEED operation); GammaSoft HMI SCADA control system; Dry Pumping roughing / backing pump ‘ACP28 Alcatel’; UHP Gas Delivery with 3 x MFC’s; 36U System Control Rack; Power controller for heaters.


Applications in: photodetectors and nonvolatile memory devices; photovoltaics.


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