Center of Imunophysiology and Biotechnology Timișoara (CIFB)

Led by: Virgil PAUNESCU
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: ”Victor Babeş” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timișoara (UMFT)
Scientists/Total: 22/22
Keywords:  cell culture, flowcytometry and immunohistochemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell cryopreservation, animal experiment

Studies conducted in the center are oriented towards basic research (the study of stem cells, cancer cells, endothelial cell function and dendritic cells) and for potential application in cancer and chronic degenerative diseases. We also conduct a series of studies on the impact of environmental factors on health.





Bd. Iosif Bulbuca Nr. 10, 300736
Timișoara, jud. Timiș, România
Tel: +40 256 490507




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