Research Center for Engineering of Systems with Complex Fluids (RCESCF)

Led by: Mariana TODIRUTA
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Products and process engineering
Institution: "Politehnica" University of Timișoara (UPT)
Scientists/Total: -/31
Keywords:  Magnetometry, rheology and magnetorheology of multiphase fluids, nano-fluids, various polymers, as well as on complex hydrodynamic problems in hydraulic machines, hydromechanic equipments, biomedical applications, magnetic nanofluids, magnetorheological fluids and magnetizable nanocomposites.

- TYANPSC 600 supercomputer having 10 processors on 64 bit and 40 GB RAM with 1.2 TB data storage;
- Optical system Laser Doppler Velocimetry.



Bvd. Mihai Viteazu nr. 1, 300222
Timișoara, jud. Timiș, România
Tel: +40 256 403692




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