Research Center in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (CCIMM)

Led by: Spiridon CREȚU
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Products and process engineering
Institution: „Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iași (TUIASI)
Scientists/Total: 25/32
Keywords:  -

• normal and tangential friction stress, the development of plastic zones inner elastic and plastic adaptability phenomenon (elastic-plastic shakedown, plastic ratching)
• Reliability concentrated wheel-rail contact rail
• Optimisation of rolling bearings
• Lubricants and neconvenţinali classics in rolling bearings
• Lubricating the bearings used in special conditions (aeronautics, etc..)
• The influence of electromagnetic fields and electric currents passing on the functioning and sustainability of bearings
• Friction loss in guidance systems with rolling and ball screws
• Methods and techniques for simulation of Gaussian and non-Gaussian surfaces microtopografiei
• The relationship between microtopografie, running and reliable contact with rolling with application to bearings and gears
• micro and nano-tribological processes in mechanical systems and mechatronic
• Joints of tubing and casing
• Drives with higher reports of speed reduction
• depositing thin films by plasma jet spraying
• Structures of specific materials mechatronic systems
• Analysis of surface deposited microtensiunilor
• superficial and surface active
• Materials automotive industry specific
• vibroacoustic diagnosing machinery and equipment
• Intelligent diagnostics
• The active control of vibration and noise
• Diagnosis and monitoring of road infrastructure
• The active control in mechatronic systems
• Applications of Biomaterials
• modeling of mechatronic systems


• B & K Equipment to measure and analyze vibration and noise and accessories;
• RFT equipment (Germany) for the measurement and analysis of vibration and noise;
• vibroacoustic diagnostics equipment tools and machinery;
• Installation Bruel & KJAER for testing vibration, a sinusoidal excitation;
• Digital Equipment NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS vibroacoustic signal acquisition and processing;
• SKF system for diagnosing operation of machinery;
• Digital equipment operating status analysis LeonovaTM Infinity cars, manufactured by SPM-Sweden (0-10 kHz vibration analysis, measurement speed 10-60000 rpm, temperature measurement - 50 ... +440 ° C, dynamic balancing two plane, vibration monitoring of machinery etc.) Taylor-Hobson equipment for surface analysis microtopografiei; profilometer Form Talysurf Intra accessories (usual parameters for the calculation and measurement standards: DIN EN ISO 4287, DIN 4288, DIN EN ISO 13565, ISO 12085 , DB N 31007, JIS B 601; measurement accuracy: 3 nm for a variation of 0.2 mm in height and max. variation of 16 nm to 1 mm in height, the accuracy of measurement of form deviations: measurement error radius : 0.04% - 2% error of measurement angle: 1%, the limit of + / - 350);
• Micro-Pin-Disc tribometry CETR-UMT-2



Bd. Dimitrie Mangeron, nr. 61-63, 700050
Iași, jud. Iași, România
Tel: +40 232 237555 +40 232 278683 int. 2294, 2502




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