Research Center for Hydrotechnical Arrangements and Environmental Protection (HIDROMED)

Led by: Ion GIURMA
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: „Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iași (TUIASI)
Scientists/Total: 12/12
Keywords:  -

- modernisation of irrigation and drainage developments;
- developing new efficiency irrigation methods and equipment;
- new technologies in land reclamation;
- water management in agriculture;
- mixed irrigation (sprinkling and furrow) to increase the energetic efficiency of watering;
- double functionality of drainage schemes-drainage and underground irrigation;
- waste water in irrigation;
- micro-sprinkling in green houses, orchards;
- drop irrigation and its efficiency;
- sustainable development of rural areas;
- ecological impact of land reclamation developments on environment;
- introduction and modernisation of automation processes in irrigation;
- new materials and water supply and sewerage schemes in rural areas;
- pumping efficiency in irrigation and drainage;
- rehabilitation and modernisation of water supply and sewerage developments;
- territorial water resources management;
- safety problems of hydrotechnical structures;
- monitoring of the natural factors in hydrotechnics;
- silting control of water storage reservoirs;
- correcting torrents with new types of dams;
- hydrology and hydraulic systems modelling;
- modeling of water cycle;
- flooding mathematical modelling;
- groundwater flow and transport modelling.





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