Breeding and Seed Potato Production

Led by: Ioan GHERMAN
Fields: Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: National Institute of Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet (INCDCSZ)
Scientists/Total: 7/10
Keywords:  -

Maintaining and improving the genetic fund/patrimony on potato, sugar beet and medicinal plants; Creation of new varieties of potato and sugar beet be using classical and unconventional methods using wild and cultivated species, with good adaption to Romanian conditions, with diseases resistance, using better organic and technological resources. Improve the quality of seed potatoes and promote biotechnology (in vitro culture, micro and mini tubers). Optimizing the process of testing viruses in potato by using buffer solutions with the composition changed from the classic one. Modernization of research infrastructure, human resources and research direction for realization of joint projects with partners from Europe.





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