Species Recovery

Led by: Radu SUCIU
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development (DDNIRD)
Scientists/Total: 4/6
Keywords:  -

Annual monitoring in Romania the status of sturgeon stock in the LDR. Tracking movements of adult sturgeon using ultrasonic and satellite telemetry techniques.


Fishing and telemetry boats: SAM – 75 HP; Linder – 9.5 HP and Zodiac 15 HP;
special gill nets (10) for sturgeons of various mesh size, anchors, floats and ropes;
acoustic biotelemetry equipment (Lotek / 1998 and Vemco / 2009): coded transmitters, automatic submerged receivers, mobile tracking receivers; special drift nets (2) for sturgeon eggs and larvae; special trammel (2) nets for capturing "young of the year" (YOY) sturgeons;
shrimp trawl for catching "young of the year" (YOY) sturgeons;
fish finder and navigation sonars (3);
DIDSON high frequency acoustic imaging sonar (2009);
oval experimental tanks (2) with all continuous video recording setup for ELS behavioural studies;
electro-narcosis tranquilisation apparatus (2) (180 V semi-rectified AC) developed by "Sturgeon Research Group";
electro-narcosis (20 – 40 V DC) tubes (2) for surgical implant of acoustic transmitters to beluga sturgeons (3.5m) and Stellate / Russian sturgeons (2m);
endoscope for sexing wild adult sturgeons during biotelemetry studies.



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