Textile Systems for Aeronautics Research

Led by: Claudia NICULESCU
Fields: Products and process engineering
Institution: National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP)
Scientists/Total: 3/4
Keywords:  Parachute, paraglider, autonomous aerial platform, flying and survival suits

The first and uniqe department in the country for research and designing of parachuting technique and equipment as: personnel and rescue parachutes, cargo and deceleration parachutes; different types of paragliders, unmanned aerial platforms, G-compression;
flying and survival suits. The department has the specific infrastucture for designing, simulation and virtual testing and specific equipment for manufacture the models and prototypes: CAD and Simulation Software, Large Format Plotting Capabilities; Special Sewing Machines.




Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Security.


Str. Lucreţiu Pătrăşcanu nr. 16, Sector 3, 030508
Municipiul București, România
Tel: +40 21 3404200, ext. 238
Fax: +40 213 405515
eMail: clau...@certex.ro



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