High Power Explosive Equipment Laboratory

Led by: Martin FRIEDMAN
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development in Mining and Explosive Security (INSEMEX)
Scientists/Total: 3/6
Keywords:  -

Research is conducted in the following areas:
- research on protection and safe operation of equipment with protection type "d" and "e";
- research on the risk of ignition of explosive atmospheres due to electrical apparatus with type of protection "d" and "e";
Laboratory tests:
- tests in explosive mixtures for the certification of electrical equipment in the regulated domain;
- tests in explosive mixtures in non-mandatory domain;
- Equipment evaluation for certification according to Directive 94/9/EC (GD 752/2004);
- Evaluation of technical installations in situ under NEx 01-06;
- Technical expertise (on equipment, in situ);
- Training personnel to work on explosion protected equipment;
- Participation in the elaboration and revision of standards (TC 137);
- Dissemination of results by publishing articles, books, courses, participation in national and international symposiums;





Str. General Vasile Milea nr. 32-34
Abucea, jud. Hunedoara, România
Tel: +40 254 541621 int. 148 +4 0727200770; +4 0727200776
Fax: +40 254 546277
eMail: mart...@insemex.ro




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