High-Tech Engineering in ATLAS Experiment at LHC CERN Geneva

Led by: Gabriel POPENECIU
Fields: Basic Phys. Radiation & Instrum.
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies (ITIM)
Scientists/Total: 4/8
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NCDTIM team is a part of the Romanian ATLAS group which includes experimental and theoretical particle physicists as well as electronic, mechanical and information technology engineers.
ATLAS Project (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) deals with the fundamental research and it is a particle physics experiment, that explores fundamental problems related to the nature of matter and the basic forces that shape our universe, at the Large Hadron Collider developed at CERN Geneva. Even if project impact is mainly scientific also, ATLAS project contributes to the advancement of the frontiers of technology and engineering.
Contributions to the construction and commissioning of the Hadronic Tile Calorimeter. Contributions to ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Maintenance. ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Upgrade. Grid Activity.


High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (HRMS, MAT 311);
GC/MS System, Polaris Q (Thermo Electron Corporation);
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC, ACCELA, Thermo Scientific);
Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IR-MS, Delta V Advantage, Thermo Scientific);
Liquid-Water Isotope Analyser, DLT-100, (Los Gatos Research);
Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer, ATLAS M-86 (Werke, Breman);
Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS);
Raman Spectrometer (Jasco NRS 3300);
Termodifferential analyser (TA Instruments SDT Q 600);
Absorption Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS-NIR - Jasco V 570);



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