Physico-chemical Analysis Laboratory

Led by: Ion TOTH
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Medicine and pharmaceutics
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development in Mining and Explosive Security (INSEMEX)
Scientists/Total: 4/5
Keywords:  Researches on occupational safety in explosive/toxic atmospheres. Preventing /combating spontaneous combustions in hard coal mines. Physico-chemical determinations of the quality of environmental factors: air-water-soil. Ex zoning for industrial areas and verifying Ex zoning documentation.

* Studies on the conditions and characteristics that can lead to the formation of potentially explosive atmospheres, for industries that process, handle, transporting, storing flammable substances and chemicals / fuel;
* Assessment of risk associated with hazardous chemical substances and preparations;
* Explosion risk assessment for industries engaged in activities that can lead to formation of potentially explosive atmospheres;
* Production of Ex Zoneing Projects;
* Production of the explosion protection document for industry operators;
* Production of safety management and occupational health systems for industries;
* Determination of physico and chemical properties of substances and chemical preparations;
* Classification and labeling of dangerous substances and preparations;
* Determination of chemical occupational hazards (gases and vapors) at working places;
* Physical-chemical analysis regarding the quality of: air mines, drinking water and industrial waste, petroleum products, minerals, inert powders used for underground sistification etc.;
* Determination of free silicon dioxide in the composition of minerals;
* Preparation of colorimetric standards for verifying underground sistification;
* Simulation of chemical processes that generate accidents at work;
* Development of the Romanian version of European ATEX standards;





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