Advanced Mechatronic Systems Research Group (AMS)

Led by: Sergiu STAN
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Products and process engineering
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 3/-
Keywords:  -

- Virtual Reality: design mechatronic systems with the assistance of virtual reality technology, which can benefit clearly from immersion and 3D. This virtual reality-based approach can be applied for the testing of intelligent mechatronic systems. Virtual reality facilitates the analysis of tests by the combination of virtual 3D models and visualization techniques.
- Optimal design and control of parallel robots: Parallel robots present better performances in comparison with serial robots. However, due to the strong dependence of geometric parameters and their performances, the corresponding design problems for the parallel robots are much more complex and the adequacy and effectiveness of the design method become more critical. In order to overcome this genetic algorithm optimization can be applied.
- Haptic devices and Exoskeletons: these mechatronic systems can be used for virtual reality and tele-presence applications. The development of even more capable devices that can accurately reproduce a large range of haptic information is an important component for the technologies of virtual reality and tele-presence. Exoskeletons can bring up a valuable contribution to the applications where the workspace is strategic.
- Mechatronics research and training: current research includes development of concepts, algorithms, theories, and methodologies for synergistic integration of precision mechanical engineering with advanced electronics and computer.


- 3DOF haptic system offering a realistic sense of touch that can be used to feel objects, giving the user a more immersive experience.
- Virtual Reality Glove, an innovative, glove-like peripheral device, based upon proprietary bend sensor and remote tracking technologies that provides users total intuitive interaction with 3D and virtual environments.
- Sensors and actuators: stepper motors, servo motors, DC motors, sensor kit for Arduino, microstep drivers ... etc.
- Arduino Control boards, different types of shields for Arduino.
- Software developments for control of mechatronic systems.



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Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
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