Intelligent Reconfigurable Systems (IRS)

Led by: Cornel BRISAN
Fields: Elec. Electron. Sys. & Telecom. Eng.
Products and process engineering
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 5/5
Keywords:  -

Advanced Technologies for Industrial Process Control
Identifying and modelling highly complex processes
New paradigms of manufacturing systems
Technologies and High Precision Mechanical Products and Mechatronic Systems
Applied mechatronics; Intelligent mechatronic products and systems
Techniques, metrologies and precise and highly precise measuring instruments
Conventional and unconventional automatic drive systems and equipment, with accurate and highly accurate linear or
angular positioning
Robotics and high precision micro-robotics with or without autonomous motions
High accuracy conventional and unconventional production techniques
Assembly technologies, micro-assembly, rapid assembly and high accuracy automatic disassembly
Innovative Products and Technologies for Transport and Automotive Industry
Products and technologies for automotive industry
Development of New Types of Mechanical Transmissions
Cylindrical and frontal ball transmissions
Diagnosis and maintenance of Industrial Equipment
Technologies for vibration reduction in dynamic systems
Predictive maintenance systems


- Parallel reconfigurable robot with 3,4,5,6 DOFs
- Transportation system from Bosch and Command Equipment
- Real-scale driving simulator
- Mobile robots from Lynxmotion (4WD1, BH3-R, AH3-R, CH3-R, Johnny 5, Mini-Hex, Robonova-1, Biped BRAT)
- Inspection and exploration mobile robots
- MOBILE software package
- Easy Viber vibration analyser
- SpectraPro- maintenance software



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