Multimedia Technologies and Telecommunications Research Center (CTMTc)

Led by: Aurel VLAICU
Fields: Elec. Electron. Sys. & Telecom. Eng.
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 23/-
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Unified Communications in Telecommunications Networks Research Laboratory (UC Labs) - Quality of telecommunications services; routing management; unified communications; network security. Digital Transmissions and Communication Systems Research Laboratory (DTCS): Wireless and wired digital transmission technologies; cooperative transmissions; error-correcting codes; adaptive coding and modulation; H-ARQ protocols; radio resource management algorithms; channel and digital data transmission simulations; mesh communication networks based on cooperative architectures.
Intelligent Processing and Analysis of Image, Speech and Multimodal Information Research Laboratory (PAIMIV): Speech Technology Research Group (STG): automatic speech recognition; text to speech synthesis; emotion and speaking style recognition; audio repositories – indexing, automatic searching using similarity measures. Intelligent and Multimodal Image Processing and Analysis Research Group (IMIPA): image processing and analysis: computational intelligence, machine learning and probabilistic methods; multi-modal image analysis for medical applications, environment surveillance, face analysis, face recognition; color image restoration; compressed domain image/video processing (JPEG/MPEG); 3D reconstruction and stereoscopic media. Multimedia Systems and Applications Research Laboratory (SAMM): E-learning, e-health, e-business, egovernment, e-Living, e-content applications; HD and 3D video systems.


- Text to speech synthesis, automatic speech recognition, Interactive Voice Response Systems,
- collaborative cloud systems for project management,
- data and network security, unified communication solutions,
- digital transmission systems: evaluation, design and optimization,
- computational intelligence based image processing and analysis systems (medical imaging, environment surveillance, face analysis, human-computer interaction, security, automatic makeup assistants),
- color image enhancement and restoration for cultural heritage applications,
- fast processing developments directly in the compressed domain (JPEG/MPEG), real time image processing implementations on digital cameras/ DSP/ FPGA,
- 3D perception using stereoscopic techniques,
- integrated platforms and services for innovative applications in eHealth, eGovernment, eBusiness, eMedia, eLearning and eLiving,
- Server HP Proliant quad-core with VMs for intensive signal processing, NAS for speech repositories with 18TB storage capacity,
- High quality audio recording facilities: 2 Microphones AKG, audio recording MOTU K3 Ultralite, Advanced software CUBASE for speech processing, Mixer YAMAHA,
- 15 HP blade servers for virtual collaborative applications,
- dedicated software for speech processing and modeling,
- 3 local networks with over 10 multimedia PC,
- 3D monitor displays with SmartTV facilities for multimedia laboratory
- Polycom and AETHR.



Str. Constantin Daicoviciu nr 15, 400020
Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Tel: +40 264 401317
Fax: +40 264 401339




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