Renewable Energies Group (GCER)

Led by: Dorin PETREUȘ
Fields: Elec. Electron. Sys. & Telecom. Eng.
Products and process engineering
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 6/8
Keywords:  Digital control, System Modelling and Simulation, Embedded Systems, Renewable Energy

Switched Mode Power Supplies(SMPS)
-Study and develop new topologies in the field of SMPS. By improving the power supply of a system one can improve the life time and the performances of the whole system.
-Develop new topologies and control methods that can improve the efficiency, reduce the costs and the size of the system. Embrace new concepts and trends that emerge in this continuous evolving domain of power electronics.
Digital Control
-Study and develop new non-linear algorithms that can be used in the field of power supplies in order to improve loadresponses and total harmonic distortions for output current in grid tied inverters.
-Develop algorithms that are not time consuming and are easy to be integrated in specialised controllers for SMPS.
System Modelling and Simulations
-Study and develop new ways on how to average switched mode power supplies in order to reduce simulation times.
-Develop macro-model from the switched mode power converters in order to improve simulation times. Develop models for the integrated circuits for simulating the power supply as accurate as possible in order to prevent possible malfunctions.
Embedded Systems
-Study and develop new ways to optimise the software algorithms that run on microcontroller, DSP and ARM.
-Develop systems with microcontrollers in C/C++ and assembly for different types of applications: low cost, time constrained, wireless, industrial and sensing.
Renewable Energy


- Measurement equipment: Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope DPO4034B, Hameg digital storage oscilloscope with RS-232
interface and PC communication software (HM 507 and HM1507), Tektronics 2020 digital oscilloscope, GW-Instek
(GDS-2062) digital oscilloscopes, Hameg (HM 404) analog oscilloscopes, Hameg analog and digital signal
generators, RLC-meters (Hameg), Protek 9216A LCR digital meter, Q-meter (50MHz), spectrum analyzer, Digital
multimeter Tektronix DMM4050
- Programmable voltage source PWS4602, 2x30V/5A (Mastech and Hameg), stabilized power
- Experimental platforms for switching mode power supplies, power electronics, electronic materials, industrial
electronics (cooperating acquisition from Siemens AG Osterreich);
- Differential probe Tektronix THDP0200, Current probe Teltronix TCP0030, Pyrometer HT3310, Thermal Imager Fluke
- Spectrum analyser GSP-930
- Solar panels of 50W, CEEX program acquisition, the project manager being responsible for the research team in the
Distance control and visualization system for modern buildings contract;
- Autotransformers;
- Electronic loads: Electronic load Chroma, Liedler (7156, 713x and 7166)
- dSpace DS1104 R&D Controller Board with control led panel
- DSP development boards (TI, Microchip), programmable logic controllers (Siemens), emulators starter-kits (AVR and
- Simulation and numerical calculus software: Matlab/Simulink 7 with Power System and Fuzzy Toolbox, OrCAD 10.5,


GCER offers research/development services in the following core research areas:
embedded systems, power electronics and control, renewable energies, high efficient power supplies, digital control, system modelling and simulation.


Laboratorul 330, Str. George Baritiu Nr. 26-28, 400027
Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Tel: +40 264 401415
Fax: +40 264 594806




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