Led by: Ştefan SZEDLACSEK
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: Institute of Biochemistry
Scientists/Total: 3/4
Keywords:  signaling enzymes

The central research theme of the group is the study of structure-function relationships of signaling enzymes with an emphasis on protein tyrosine phosphatases. We aim to contribute to the understanding of how their structural characteristics are correlated with specific signaling functions. To this purpose we analyze each signaling enzyme which we are investigating from multiple directions:
i.) as a classical enzyme, trying to evaluate its stability under various conditions, pH-dependence of the activity, specific activity, steady-state kinetic parameters, substrate specificity and also to identify the specific inhibitors as well as the corresponding inhibition constants;
ii.) as a protein, trying to crystallize the purified enzyme preparation and then to determine its 3D-structure
iii.) as a signaling entity, trying to find its subcellular localization, physiological substrate(s), regulatory interactions, role played in signaling pathways, etc.
The group has good experience and is currently involved in production, isolation and purification of recombinant proteins, expressed both in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. The research activity of the group is performed by tools of molecular biology (recombinant DNA, site-directed mutagenesis, (RT)-PCR, Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, etc.), spectroscopic analysis (UV-VIS and fluorescence spectrophotometry), cellular biology, protein crystallization and enzyme kinetic analysis.


- Spectrophotometer
- DNA electrophoresis
- UV transiluminator
- Refrigerated centrifuges
- Bench-top centrifuges
- Electroporator
- Sonicator
- Sterile hoods



Splaiul Independenţei nr. 296, Sector 6, 060031
Municipiul București, România
Tel: +40 21 2239069
Fax: +40 21 2239068
eMail: ste...@biochim.ro




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