Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry

Led by: Andrei José PETRESCU
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: Institute of Biochemistry
Scientists/Total: 4/4
Keywords:  structural biochemistry

We have ongoing projects for developing machine learning techniques to predict the occupancy of glycosylation sites and to discriminate sites with fundamental role in folding from less important sites.
In addition we are using bioinformatics and probabilistic modelling to generate hypotheses regarding protein function, stability and interactions in various systems that can be experimentally tested by our partners in EU & Romanian projects.
Besides biomolecular structure prediction and dynamics, another area in which we recently developed interest is related to investigating the structure of molecular assemblies and associations using computational techniques with bioinformatic and experimental constraints derrived from Mass Spec or (sm)FRET.
The interest in complex formation underlying plant-pathogen interactions and the architecture of the modular resistance gene products came as a natural extension of our previous work during the FP6-IP BIOEXPLOIT (2005-2011) on probabilistic modelling of the CC, NBS and LRR domains of various resistance protein families and a number of effector pathogen proteins. In addition recent collaborations started with the Department of Translational Hematology, Taussig Cancer Institute, Cleveland [3] and the Department of Immunobiology, Yale School of Medicine focuss on more complex protein-DNA assemblies.





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