New Materials and Technologies Laboratory

Led by: Soare VASILE
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development in Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals (IMNR)
Scientists/Total: 5/7
Keywords:  Metal alloys, electrochemistry.

Main research direction: develop materials with new functionalities and improved in-service performance, that minimize the impact on the environment and the consumption of resources. This scientific objective aims to focus on the following broad lines of activities:
- Research on functional materials, multifunctional materials and structural materials, for innovation in energy and extreme conditions industrial sectors;
- Research and development for innovative techniques of manufacturing advanced non-ferrous metals based materials and to identify solutions for the substitution of raw materials by economically attractive alternatives with a lower environmental impact;
- Characterization, non-destructive evaluation and predictive modelling of performance for progress in non-ferrous metals based materials science and engineering.


- Induction melting/heat treatment installation: Induction melting/heat treatment installation, in vacuum/inert atmosphere; controlled atmosphere casting molds;
- Installation for electrolysis in aqueous solutions: potentiostat/galvanostat with digital control; electrolysis cell set: various capacities (1-10 A), with heating and stirring; Brown MB - 20G glove Box, with controlled atmosphere (argon or nitrogen); thermo stated heater, maximum temperature 300°C; magnetic stirrer with heating, peristaltic pump, analytical scale.
- Installation for electrolysis in molten salts: R-CCT R/m direct current rectifier, max. 12V / 600A; Tacussel PRT 10-20X potentiostat, max. ±20V / ±10A;
molten salts electrolysis cells: 0,3-30dmc, max. 1200°C; KS 3000 digital interface for measuring and recording; installation for drying – purifying inert gases (Ar, N); device for detection and analysis of anodic gases: CO, CO2
- Installation for high temperature metallurgical processes: Carbolite CTF 12/100/900 vertical electric furnace, with digital programming; insulated chamber for melt treatment, with controlled atmosphere; temperature measurement device (portable optical pyrometer); 6tf laboratory hydraulic press, press mold for metallic powders 20x30mm.



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