Center for Innovative, Fundamental and Applied Medicine

Led by: Lazăr ONISÂI
Fields: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: ”Transilvania” University of Brașov (UTBv)
Scientists/Total: -/40
Keywords:  -

Development of methods and technologies for continuous monitoring of integrative biological systems parameters of human and adaptive mechanisms of the human body at dynamics of biological environmental and psycho-social factors,
Development of knowledge in preventive or prophylactic domain to ensure both the frame needed to reduce health costs and the quality of life and human performance
Development of methods and technologies for continuous monitoring of parameters of integrative biological systems of the human being and knowledge system of artificial intelligence to predict and anticipate the evolution of these parameters.
Development of sampling methods and technologies and transmission of information from the patients, including ambulatory and telemedicine.
The development of modern diagnostic methods, interpretation and integration of data from the patients in the context of history and evolution personalized level.
Development of modern methods and technologies of pharmacological and non-pharmacological, interventional or non-invasive treatment.


System of cellular evaluation and characterization of bio-molecules
Line for analysis of bio-molecular interactions



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