Innovative Technologies and Advanced Products in Wood Industry

Led by: Ivan CISMARU
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Products and process engineering
Institution: ”Transilvania” University of Brașov (UTBv)
Scientists/Total: -/26
Keywords:  Sustainable Development, Innovative Materials, Products and Processes for Wood Industry

1 Machine for testing the wood-based panels, density distribution on board thickness, tensile strength, surface soundness, screw withdrawal, bending strength and Modulus of elasticity. Producer: IMAL, Italy.
2 Installation for thermal treatment by heating between 0 and 300 °C. Producer: Binder GmbH, Germany.
3 High-tech installation for testing the wood behavior to different thermal treatments (freezing, unfreezing, heating and drying) when using variable parameters. Producer: Feutron Klimasimulation GmbH, Germany.
4 Cutting laser equipment, designed to cut various trajectories in the following materials: wood, veneers, lignin-cellulose based composites or other composites, metal, paper, plastic, rubber, fabrics
5 Equipments for testing the manufacturing accuracy of wooden panels and wood-based panels. These are used for the following measurements: dimensional, shape and position deviations, elements of joint, surface roughness and shape and processing deviations for sub-assemblies. Producer: Hecht Electronic A.G. Germany.
6 Universal machine for testing the materials of IBX600 type, performing the following tests for elements made of solid wood: tensile, compression, bending, shearing, hardness. Producer: Zwick/Roell, Germany.
7 Fixed equipment for materials acoustic testing, designed to determine the sound attenuation factor for materials as chipboard, MDF, OSB, fiberboard, plywood, block board used for building purpose.



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