Furniture Eco-Design, Restoration and Certification in Wood Industry

Led by: Marina CIONCA
Fields: Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: ”Transilvania” University of Brașov (UTBv)
Scientists/Total: 5/14
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Development of means and methods of monitoring environmental quality; procedural certification of polluting factors in wood industry.
– Scientific substantiation of innovative methods of adding value to wasted forest resources by means of eco-design, eco-efficiency and eco-labelling.
– Development of innovative materials, processes and products for rehabilitation/restoration of wooden products with historic value, in order to preserve the cultural and historic heritage.
– Substantiation and development of innovative methods of modeling and optimization of eco-processes in wood industry.


Formaldehyde emission measurement, Chamber Method. The equipment consists of a 1m3 climatic chamber, air dryer, 2 drying cabinets with air recirculation and water distiller. It is able to measure the formaldehyde emission of furniture and other wooden products, according to SR EN 717-1/2005.
– Formaldehyde emission measurement equipment, Gas Analysis Method. The equipment consists of a double glass recipient, a photocolorimetre, mechanical and electrical devices. It serves for measuring formaldehyde emission of furniture, wooden boards or any other formaldehyde emitting product, according to SR EN 717-2/1995.
– VOC measurement equipment: chromatography gas, split injector, FID Detector, head space turbo matrix and thermal desorber, mass spectrometer, climatic chamber.
– Integrated research system for biological tests, environmental behavior simulation, accelerated aging tests, consisting of: environmental simulation chamber, biological cooling incubator, sterilizing station, biological incubator with controlled humidity and temperature, spectrophotmeter for color measuring.
– Four stands for measuring and monitoring physical and mechanical parameters of processes of wood industry.
– High-precision wood processing line for prototyping and micro-prototyping, with 12 specialized components



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