Advanced Technologies and Materials (Metallic, Ceramic and MMC Composite)

Led by: Aurel CRISAN
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: ”Transilvania” University of Brașov (UTBv)
Scientists/Total: -/76
Keywords:  Advanced materials synthesis, characterisation, certification and promotion of advanced metallic, ceramic and composite materials at the macro, micro and nano scale.

Induction furnace. 20kW maximum installed power, 15000Hz frequency and a 1-1,2 dm3 crucible volume. It allows the synthesis in a graphite or ceramic crucible of ferrous or nonferrous alloys and of special materials (special alloys, composite materials, etc).
Spectromax XF-BT. Chemical analysis for Fe, Al, Ti, and Cu based alloys. It is provided with Fe, Al, Cu, Ti based alloy software capabilities. There is also the possibility of enlarging the database with software for other types of alloys. The determination precision is limited to 10-2% and it can offer both quantitative and qualitative information.
FM 700 microhardness apparatus. It allows microhardness measurements on a structural level on micrometric areas (at a structural grain level) on both ferrous and non ferrous materials, using loads of from 1 to 1000gf. The Precidur software provided allows the information analysis in either a manual or automated mode, the measurement orientation on predefined directions, and the graph plotting for the hardness variation with the distance.
OMNIMET-BUEHLER microscope system. Structural analysis system. It is provided with a NIKON microscope (with a resolution up to 1000X) and adequate software packages for quantitative and qualitative analyses on both ferrous and non ferrous materials. ZPRINTER 450. SC 200 F3 Maia/STA 449F3 Jupiter. CSM Instruments Tribometer . CSM Instruments Nanoindentation and Microscratch platform.



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