Management of Forest and Wildlife Resources

Led by: Victor PĂCURAR
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: ”Transilvania” University of Brașov (UTBv)
Scientists/Total: -/32
Keywords:  Earth sciences; Biological / geological diversity / social-ecological systems. Plant / animal health; Environmental protection; Global changes.

Earth sciences and resource management; Biological diversity, geological diversity and social-ecological systems. Plant and animal health; Environmental protection, ecological efficiency and waste management; Global changes.
The objective is providing research, technical assistance and design in sustainable management and conservation
of forest and wildlife resources. It has the following specific objectives:
- implementation of research, technical assistance and design projects in the field of forest ecosystem
management, ecological reconstruction and wildlife resources evaluation and management, and
- support for the Master and PhD programs with specific research projects/contracts and involvement of
Master and PhD students in the implementation of research programs.


Jacobsen germinator, gowing chamber, thermo-balance for humidity determination, high precision analitycal balance for seed analysis, drying oven with ventilation, microscope with live video image acquisition system, digital pH meters, diameter cllipers (classic and electronic – Haglöf), hypsometers (classic – Suunto, with ultrasounds and leser - Haglöf Vertex), Garmin GPS units, an experimental nursery
diameter callipers (classic and electronic – Haglöf), hypsometers (classic – Suunto, with ultrasounds and leser - Haglöf Vertex), height poles, increment borers, pruning saws
WinFolia leaf analysis system, high precision analytical electronic balance (Ohaus AV264), Venticell BMT drying oven, microscope with live video image acquisition system, digital photo camera, and systems to capture insects
atomic spectrometer AA200 used to determine different elements (K, Mg, Na, Pb, Ni, Cu, Ca, Co, Cd), molecular spectrometer Cecile, Kjieldahl system, digital pH- meter, Memmert drying oven, GT 2004 distilator, ultra-pure water producing unit, thermo-balance MB45, analytical balance Ohaus and multi-parameter systems
manual microtomes Meopta and Reichert, semi – automatic microtome QP-3268, steromicroscopes Optech equipped with micrometers, microscope Olympus with digital camera for image acquisition, portable leaf gas analyser GFS-3000 Walz, Warburg manometers to determine respiration intensity and enzymatic activities, atomic spectrometer



Bvd. Eroilor nr. 29, 500036
Brașov, jud. Brașov, România
Tel: +40 268 410525




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