Department of Experimental and Applied Biology

Led by: Otilia IVAN
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development in the Biological Sciences (INSB)
Scientists/Total: 16/20
Keywords:  -

Main research directions: interactions of some physical, chemical and biological agents with molecular processes involved in the control and regulation of the membrane; biomedical capitalization; Screening of some new biotechnological products and procedures with decreased cytotoxicity and genotoxicity useful for antitumoral chemotherapy and immunotherapy; Biological & ecological study of active biological substances producing microorganisms; biotechnologies to obtain products with biomedical, biopesticide & biofertilizer use; Optimizing of bioremediation processes of wastewaters with microorganism strains (filamentous fungi, yeasts, bacteria); Plant genetics and biochemistry; Investigations on biodiversity and ecodiversity; structure, dynamics and vulnerability degree of terrestrial ecosystems, including protected areas; Impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on the ecosystems, on biodiversity; substantiation of conservative and restoration measures; Basic and applied research for establishing and improvement of biological control technologies of pests and invasive plants.





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